Update on DHS’ Proposed Fee Increase

This is an update on the information which we published in November 2019, regarding the United States Department of Homeland Security’s proposed fee increase for immigration and naturalization services and benefits. A new fee schedule has been approved. Some fees remain the same while some have been reduced. However, most of the fees have been increased and range between 3% and 546%. The new fee schedule goes into effect on October 2, 2020.

Those who are eligible for immigration services and/or benefits and who wish to save some money by taking advantage of the current fee schedule have until October 1, 2020 to file their petitions and applications online or by mail. Petitions and applications filed (online or mailed) on or after October 2 based on the current fee schedule will be rejected, if the new fee schedule applies to them.

To find out whether you are eligible for a specific immigration benefit or service and can take advantage of the current fee schedule before October 2, call the Law Office of Eshigo P. Okasili, LLC at (301) 760-2066 or email us at eshigo@okasililawfirm.com